Monday, January 4, 2010

Pets and Biohazardous Cross-Contamination

I am not a pet owner. I don't like cages, for me or any animal. Perhaps I will own a farm one day, and then we'll see about ADOPTING a pet. I'm not perfect, but I do make an effort to enforce my ethics in a heartfelt way.

When you get sick, or infected, bad companies profit. By "bad companies" I mean those companies that sell you medicines that don't work, or medicines that work poorly while filling up your body with (more) toxic bullshit.

Animals play with poo, and then they play with you...

Your pets bring bacteria and viruses into your life. You probably don't address this because of the social stigma that's associated with "sick" or "infected." Your relationship with your pet is soooo sacred to you that you simply can't imagine the spectre of medical misinformation and ignorance creeping into your life through your pet.

Guess what? Americans are primarily IGNORANT GERM COOKERS providing a guaranteed income for various crooked power structures. When your cat brings new strains of staph into your home, for example, the medical establishment laughs all the way to the bank. Hospitals are just waiting for you to bring in the new strain and trade illnesses with other sick people.

You can still keep your pet, and be safe from germs. For example, SOVEREIGN SILVER( is safe for you AND your pet to consume. It works great as a topical antimicrobial(for paws and noses) and is safe to ingest in large quantities. The best thing about this product, however, is that you HARDLY HAVE TO USE ANY.

Colloidal silver is just one answer to the pet/biohazard issue. G.S.E. is another great germ killer that you dilute and apply anywhere. Use both of these products on yourself and your pets and keep your home safe.

Remember... animals play with poo, and then they play with you... take the extra steps people...

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